„Rostock: 80 Apartments at Glatter Aal“

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„TV Rostock – 16/02/2017“

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„HanseKarree at Glatter Aal“

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“We have learned from it”

Rosengartencenter with hotel, fitness studio and shops? – That was yesterday. From May until the spring of 2019, Randalswood Germany will build the smaller Hanse-Karree on site A at Glatter Aal. This means that the Irish investors with a German branch are addressing the harsh criticisms of city, society and politics. “The most significant change is the permanent habitation,” says Christian Solbrig , Managing Director of the GmbH…

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“Glatter Aal: Luxury Apartments instead of Earth Hole”

Rostock. After almost ten years of discussion, the excavators will be rolling on one of the most famous fallows in the Hansestadt in May. Construction will take place on Glatter Aal this year – but not like what was planned. The owner, the Randalswood group of the Irish investor Patrick McGrath, has completely changed their plans for the site shortly before the start of construction. On site A, the former parking lot next to the old post office, no hotel is to be built – but a residential house. The name of the project is “Hanse Karree”.…